If item is paid by Money Order, an item will be sent out promptly (the next day or two days later) after the Money Order is received. If paid by a personal check, an item will be held TEN (10) BUSINESS days after its receipt, to insure it will clear. If a repeat buyer, the 10 day waiting period is often lifted and item will be sent promptly after receipt.
Don't be afraid to email me, to see if I'll take a lower price on one of my items. I just may come down in price, especially if it's been in my store for a while, so please don't be afraid to ask!! Also, you can save on shipping costs if you purchase more than one item from my store. Just email me!
FYI, positive (or other) feedback can only be given when payment is made through Paypal (hence, my low feedback numbers -- many people prefer payment via check, money order or even concealed cash! Seems like lots of ebay refugees have found a home here on Ecrater, once they no longer allowed buyers to submit their payments via those methods and insisted on 'Paypal Only'!)